GCOE集中講義 (2010年3月8日~10日)

低次元トポロジーの専門家の Robert Penner 氏が来日し、リーマン面のモジュライ空間の理論を用いたタンパク質の分類理論に関する集中講義を行ないます。

日 程: 3月8日(月)、3月9日(火)、3月10日(水) 何れも 15:00~17:00
場 所: 京都大学理学研究科数学教室 110講義室
講 師: Robert Penner氏(オーフス大学、南カリフォルニア大学)

概 要:

1) "Proteins and their intrinsic geometry"

  This first lecture will introduce proteins in several guises: poetical, chemical, geometrical, dynamical and empirical.

2) "Discrete models of protein geometry"

  Techniques from decorated Teichmller theory provide natural discrete models of protein geometry by associating fatgraphs with discrete labels to proteins. Attributes of the associated fatgraph may be taken as protein descriptors, but these attributes must be robust for experimental errors and/or indeterminacies in order to be meaningful. A number of robust such descriptors have been successfully applied to give new methods of protein domain classification.

3) "Protein moduli space"

  The discrete model leads naturally to a continuous model of proteins, in effect, amounting to the passage from G=Z/2 to G=SO(3) graph connections. This, in turn, leads to a sensible definition of the moduli space of proteins. This furthermore uncovers a treasure trove of new structure that can be derived from the standard empirical databases and applied to the prediction of protein folding.