GCOE特別講義 (2010年3月24日)


Alex Craik 氏(University of St Andrews)の特別講義を行ないます。

日時: 3月24日(水) 15:00~16:30
場所: 京都大学工学部総合校舎213号室
講師: Alex Craik氏(University of St Andrews, professor Emeritus)
題目: "Contrasting styles: Thomas Young (1773-1829) ; natural philosopher,
    and William Wallace (1768-1843) mathematician."


Regarding Thomas Young, I'll talk mainly about his style of doing science and his reluctance to use mathematics. Recently, I wrote a piece about his work on fluid mechanics, which is little known, that will appear in the Journal of Engineering Mathematics, in a commemorative issue for the late Howell Peregrine. On William Wallace, I have also done some recent work.