GCOE特別講義 "Symmetry-Breaking; Synchrony Breaking" (2009年12月4日)

Marty Golubitsky 氏(オハイオ州立大学 数理生命科学研究所・所長)の特別講義を行います。

日 時:  12月4日(金) 16:30〜17:30
場 所:  京都大学理学部3号館110講義室
タイトル: Symmetry-Breaking; Synchrony Breaking
講演者:  Marty Golubitsky 氏 (オハイオ州立大学 数理生命科学研究所・所長)

    A coupled cell system is a network of interacting dynamical systems.  Coupled cell models assume that the output from each cell is important and that signals from two or more cells can be compared so that patterns of synchrony can emerge.  We ask: which part of the qualitative dynamics observed in coupled cells is the product of network architecture and which part depends on the specific equations?

    In our theory, local network symmetries replace symmetry as a way of organizing network dynamics, and synchrony-breaking replaces symmetry-breaking as a basic way in which transitions to complicated dynamics occur.  Background on symmetry-breaking and pattern formation will be presented.