GCOE Special Lecture on Geometry (Jan 28-29)

GCOE special lecture on Geometry by Professor Michael Farber (Warwick University) will take place as follows:

TITLE: Closed one-forms in topology and dynamics
SPEAKER: Michael Farber (Warwick University)
DATE: January 28 - 29
VENUE: Room 108, Building No.3, Faculty of Science, Kyoto University

I will survey the recent progress in topology and
dynamics using the techniques of closed 1-forms.
I will describe a Lusternik–Schnirelmann
type theory for closed 1-forms which includes the focusing effect for
flows and the theory of Lyapunov 1-forms. This approach allows to draw
conclusions about properties of flows by studying homotopical and
features of manifolds. 

Poster (PDF)