The 3rd GCOE Workshop for Young Mathematicians (Feb 20-21, 2012)

We are seeking for young mathematicians to participate in a poster session, which is scheduled during a workshop between Kyoto University and Seoul National University.

This program is aimed at promoting research exchange between young mathematicians of Kyoto University and Seoul National University. Lectures by the above four speakers and poster session are scheduled.
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Date: February 20 (Mon) - 21 (Tue), 2012
Venue: 110 (lectures), 108 (poster session), Faculty of Science Building #3
Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University
Speakers: Tomotada Ohtsuki (RIMS)
On the asymptotic expansion of the Kashaev invariant of knots
  Hiroshi Kokubu (Kyoto)
Topological-computation method for analysis of global dynamics and bifurcations
  Sun-Sig Byun (SNU)
Global integrability of the gradients of solutions to nonlinear elliptic obstacle problems
  Dano Kim (SNU)
Extension and division of section rings of adjoint line bundles

Program (PDF)

Poster session participants:

  • Axtell, Jonathan (SNU)
  • Chun, Sangmin (SNU)
    Factorization in Commutative Rings with zero-divisors
  • Jeong, Eunhee (SNU)
    Uniform L1-stability of the relativistic Boltzmann equation near vacuum
  • Kim, Soojung (SNU)
    Pulsating traveling fronts for Flame propagation in space-time periodic media
  • Kim, Sunho (SNU)
    The structure of gauge-invariant ideals of labelled graph C*-algebras
  • Kim, You Chan (SNU)
  • Lee, Juhyun (SNU)
    Tight contact structures on Σg× I
  • Lee, Yunju (SNU)
    Oscillation of harmonic functions for subordinate Brownian motion and its applications
  • Park, Kyeong Dong (SNU)
    Embeddings between rational homogeneous manifolds of Picard number one
  • Ryu, Hansol (SNU)
  • Ryu, Seung Jin (SNU)
    Global weighted estimates for the gradient of solutions to nonlinear elliptic equations
  • Yhee, Donggeon (SNU)

  • Ando, Hiroshi (Kyoto)
    On Polish Groups of Fintie Type
  • Hasebe, Takahiro (Kyoto)
    Square of random variable in free probability
  • Kato, Takamori (Kyoto)
    Global well-posedness for the Kawahara equation with low regularity datas
  • Nakamura, Inasa (Kyoto)
    Surface links which are coverings over the standard torus
  • Nakashima, Makoto (Kyoto)
    Large deviations for branching processes in random environment with geometrical offspring distributions
  • Okada, So (Kyoto)
    On Euler characteristics for large Kronecker quivers
  • Shiraishi, Daisuke (Kyoto)
    Cut points for simple random walks
  • Suzuki, Sakie (Kyoto)
    On the universal sl2 invariant of boundary bottom tangles
  • Tomoeda, Kyoko (Kyoto)
    Optimal Korn's inequality for solenoidal vector fields on a 2D periodic slab
  • Yamazaki, Yohei (Kyoto)
    Transverse instability for system of nonlinear Schrödinger equations